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The Secret Garden

A cluster of tulips.  Is that what you call a group of tulips?  A cluster?

Finally, I've got a backyard!

We came into possession of a house the week before the new year, so it was cold and as you know--there wasn't much of winter 2012 in central Illinois.  When we got the house we knew that there was amazing potential in the backyard.  Potential is putting it lightly.    

The owners before the owner lived and loved the house for thirty years With the weather just absolutely stellar, the flowers are growing strong and not letting us down.  Here are some shots my girlfriend and I took this past week.  Some of these flowers I have no Idea what they're called.  

There is so much more this yard will show us, including a lilac tree and several bushes that I've never even heard of.  

The tulip, up close  

The colors inside really surprised me, there are also yellow and pink tulips. A young girl walked by the other day and told her friend "there are like a million of those."

I Said Blue Bells

This picture was taken my Meghan.  She caught these bluebells with the morning dew.  One thing to keep in mind, especially when it comes to the vegetable garden, a possible frost mid April.  Climatetologists and Farmers Almanac enthusiasts say there could be a final frost next month.

Obviously named

These bleeding hearts are amazing, especially with whatever macro-thingy my cell phone camera has.  I was really surprised by these having never had a garden, but wow, are these fun!  

Funny thing is?  I don't have a green thumb at all, but I'm learning! The backyard also has a modest vegetable garden so I'll be busy in the dirt this summer, which is exactly what getting the house was all about, right?

Amazingly the previous owners kept a very well documented garden guide.  I'll take one of these lazy summer days to toil over all the pronunciations and proper care.  Until then, I'm just going to sit back, take some pictures and smell the roses--because this secret garden also has a rose bush!

Surely this is just the beginning.  From what we've been able to gather from the previous owners and the neighbors, this backyard will not only delight us, it will also keep us busy.

Apparently the perennial plants have been arrayed in a way that keeps opening up different areas of the yard with different plants with the progression of the year.

I'll keep posting pics of the garden's secrets.  We're in for a trip into Bishop's secret garden.  Does it make me less of a man  that I'm posting about flowers?  

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